Verizon VX6600 is in my hands!

I know I posted about this phone yesterday and today I received my brand new Verizon VX6600 PocketPC Phone. Today I setup my wireless sync email which is similar to the Blackberry email, but it is still pull email. Nevertheless Verizon did a great job implementing the wireless sync application. I am also one of those lucky consumers who is in EVDO coverage. If you aren’t familiar with EVDO…

EvDO provides wireless data connections that are 10 times as fast as a regular modem. Proponents say EvDO offers huge advantages over WiFi, another wireless data technology that is popping up around the country in hotel lobbies and coffee shops, and that it may even be the long sought path around local telephone and cable companies’ lock on the high-speed Internet market in most residential areas.

During my testing I was able to achieve speeds up to 750kbs!!! I was also lucky enough to find a way of connecting my PocketPC Phone to my laptop and surf at blazing speeds! Say goodbye to my $9.99 Starbuck Coffee broadband connections. You can tell by my experience this PocketPC is one of the best I have ever used. If you dont believe me check out an article at the Wall Street Journal..

Wall Street Journal

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