Want To Create Your Own Blog??

Do you want to creat your own blog? Google has a service that will allow you to do just that. You can create new blogs and post images from your iPAQ.

Everything is changing and it’s changing fast. Here is a free service will be available to you with the only cost you get tagged for is from sending messages and emails from your iPAQ.

Sending an MMS or email to go@blogger.com will automatically create a new blog. Your photo, along with any text you add, will be uploaded to that blog right away and then they will message you back with the address so you can visit your new blog on the web. It’s all free. When you feel like changing anything or you already have a Blogger account and you want the posts to go to your existing blog, you can log in to go.blogger.com and enter the token we sent to your phone.

Interested??…then go HERE to find out more information.

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