Windows Mobile 2005 ROM Leaked

A user named Gora from xda-developers leaked what seems to be an authentic copy of a Windows Mobile 5.0 ROM, Microsoft’s next mobile platform for PDAs and smartphone. The About dialog displays the following versions:

Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 OS 5.1.1700 (build 14326.0.0.0) ROM version: 1.50f.00WWE ROM date: 02/24/05 Radio version: 1.10.00 Protocol version 1337.18

The ROM is extracted from the HTC PH10B Himalaya device in which I have seen EVERYONE fry their device so far. Notes on the FTP site stated:

update 1: Download ActiveSync 4 mirror 2 update 2: Download WM2005 mirror 2 update 3: Download links CAUTION I FRIED MY DEVICE

The people over at XDA Developers actually worked with this user for 3 weeks and showed him how to back up the ROM from a Pocket PC running a beta of the new OS and then post it up online. Apparently he did a backup of the ROM and posted it. From what I saw everyone cooked their device with no recourse other than to restore the old ROM.