Worried About Losing Your iPAQ?

PC PhoneHome for PocketPC is without competition. It is the only tracking and recovery software application in the world specifically created for the PocketPC operating system.

They based the design for PC PhoneHome for PocketPC on their award-winning PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome engine. PC PhoneHome for PocketPC allows the user to do their own monitoring at a significant reduction in cost.

With PC PhoneHome for PocketPC there is no yearly monitoring fees, no additional charges, and no hidden costs!

How does PC PhoneHome for PocketPC work?

Every time PC PhoneHome for PocketPC makes an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or HotSync, it sends a stealth email message containing location information to a pre-determined email address of the user’s choice. In the event the PDA is stolen, you file a report with the local police and then notify Brigadoon Software’s Command and Tracking Center, which will provide full tracking and recovery support. When the stolen PDA goes online, it will send a stealth message to the pre-determined e-mail address containing its location.

Once this information is received, their recovery agents will work with you and the investigating law enforcement agency to recover the stolen property. Worldwide tracking and recovery.

Highly tamper-proof.

Can’t be removed by unauthorized parties.

Price: $29.95

You can find out more HERE

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