XandMail Presents XandMail Push Mail Solution

XandMail, the Digital Communication Solutions Provider, now Makes it Possible to Directly Receive Push Email From any Account on any Mobile Phone. XandMail, the digital communication solutions provider, announced the availability of XandMail Push Mail Solution (PMS), a carrier-grade solution providing push feature for any email account, local or external like Yahoo!, Gmail, EarthLink.

Push Mail Solution is an attractive new concept in messaging services designed for the consumer market; it allows operators to offer original mobile data services to their subscribers through a complete range of push (MMS, SMS or WAP push) options.

Subscribers can configure first a list of emails accounts they want to monitor; a process will then periodically scan the mailboxes to see if there are any messages to push. Once a message matches the users push policy – message filters or push timetable for example – it is converted into an MMS or a WAP push and sent directly to the subscriber’s mobile phone.

Thanks to a powerful rendering engine, email attachments – photos, sounds or videos – can be automatically converted to fit push requirements (MMS or WAP push) as well as the terminal’s technical specifications. The subscriber can also browse his email through a Web, WAP, i-mode or vocal interface (VoiceXML).

XandMail Push Mail Solution is designed to work with the majority of mobile phones; there is no need to download a specific client, as PMS will use the MMS client already embedded in the mobile phone.

“For the past few years we have seen many push mail solutions aimed at the corporate market but they always needed an embedded client and so required a smart-phone. A simple, easy to use, designed for everyone push mail solution was a real market need.” said Jerome Lament, Marketing Manager. “Our solution allows operators – mobile or ISP – to increase their revenue coming from data services. As a matter of fact, we are already negotiating with major European telecommunication players” adds Thierry Grillot, Business Unit Manager.

About XandMail

Founded in 1990, XandMail conceived and developed Income Generating Services, a market-proven range of multi-channel services enabling fixed and wireless Telcos, xSPs, Portals and UM Providers to generate additional revenue while leveraging previous investments. Thanks to its integrated product range and support services, XandMail has already deployed licenses for 70 million licenses throughout the world.

Visit XandMail here.

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