XPG Unveils Compact Air-Liquid Cooler for Intel and AMD Processors with up to 280W Heat Dissipation

XPG has revealed a prototype of a hybrid CPU cooler capable of handling chips with heat dissipation of up to 280 watts. The hybrid cooler combines air and liquid cooling in one compact enclosure, which outwardly resembles a standard tower cooler but possesses a much sophisticated internal mechanism. According to XPG, the cooler comprises an integrated pump, a circuit for circulating the coolant, two fans, and a radiator for heat dispersion.

The cooling system, according to the company, features a patent-pending CPU cooler with dual 120 mm VENTO PRO PWM fans produced by Nidec, multiple heat pipes, and a copper radiator. The cooler is positioned as a high-performance solution for cooling the hottest Intel and AMD processors from the Core and Ryzen lines. The company also claims the showcased cooler can handle heat dissipation from Xeon and Threadripper processor families.

Prototype of XPG's hybrid cooling system for Intel and AMD processors.

XPG maintains that the proposed hybrid cooler is not only smaller but also lighter than a conventional air cooler with a tower construction, pointing out that the combination of air and liquid cooling systems makes it more efficient. The showcased product is an early prototype and far from its final retail appearance, hence its ultimate design may undergo significant changes. Details regarding price and availability of the cooler remain unknown at this point.

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