Yellowjacket iPAQ Receiver

YellowjacketPLUS 802.11a ‘ is a wireless receiver that integrates Compaq’s iPAQ® PDA in sweeping, analyzing and optimizing 5 GHz W-LANs and WISPs. The receiver measures all 12 OFDM network channels operating on the IEEE 802.11a standard allowing the user to determine the AP (Access Point), SSID and RSSI (narrow and wideband) signal levels of any Access Point.

YellowjacketPLUS’ allows those familiar with the iPAQ’s PocketPC® interface a unique advantage over “software only” products currently available because YellowjacketPLUS’ functions as a complete WLAN analysis system combining the elegant PocketPC® Windows CE® environment along with Berkeley’s precision calibrated receiver technology. YellowjacketPLUS’ is also fully compliant with Bird’s Eye Indoor Mapping Software so users may also create, edit and analyze indoor W-LANs where GPS reception is not possible

RF Propagation Analysis

Yellowjacket(TM) has the distinction of being the only true RF spectrum protocol analysis and direction finding tool accurate to within 1 dB all in the palm of your hand. Berkeley’s calibrated receiver sweeps and measures all RF energy in the 2.4 GHz range as well as on each of the 14 OFDM/DSSS channels for detailed network inspection of any nearby 802.11b/g APs or STAs. Yellowjacket(TM) is a passive, network independent device with the ability to see the “whole picture” as well as pinpointing channel interference and hackers that plague so many 802.11b/g WISPs and Hotspots.

Wi-Fi Security

Yellowjacket(TM) automatically generates MAC authorization lists to detect and flag any AP or STA as friendly or suspect. WEP encryption is also detected and indicated for all APs/STAs.

Direction Finding & Indoor Mapping Options

Yellowjacket(TM) includes options for a DF Antenna to pinpoint W-LAN hackers and 2.4 GHz sources of interference. Yellowjacket(TM) also supports Bird’s Eye(TM) Indoor/Outdoor Mapping Software that maps 802.11g & 802.11b coverage. No GPS required.

Yellowjacket pricing available with our without iPAQ PocketPC upon request. Available now.

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