You Found A HotSpot — But Can You Connect?

How many times have you turned on the WiFi on your iPAQ and found that you couldn’t connect? You know the drill…turn on your iPAQ, turn on WiFi…determine if there is a signal…and if there is, you find you can’t connect. It takes time and is frustrating if you can’t connect. It has happened dozens of times to me…but no more thanks to my Canary Wireless Digital HotSpotter!

I have had a rash of “bad” hotspots that I couldn’t connect to which prompted me to look for a WiFi detector that would quickly and easily do the job for me. I didn’t want to play around with my settings anymore and find out that I couldn’t connect. Now, with the touch of a button, a quick scan (seconds), I am able to see if WiFi is present, if it is an open connection, its signal strength and what channel it is using.

The Canary Wireless Digital HotSpotter is a full-featured Wi-Fi detection and analysis device that will not only provide information on the availability of a signal and its strength but will give you the following network information: Network ID, Signal Strength, Encryption Status, and Channel. Unlike older devices that only tell you a signal is present, this one gives you information that is accurate and it does it fast!

Presentation is important to me, and how an item is “packaged” starts to tell you a little about the company. I was impressed with the packaging and the fact that there were batteries included! The WiFi Detector was enveloped in a plastic housing that was easy to open. There was a “Quick Start” guide with easy directions that had you up and running in a flash. It was a flashy start to what will prove to be an incredibly “slick” device.

Nicely designed and gray in color, this device measures 2.52″ x 2.17″ x 1.06″. For its size, it is amazingly powerful. Because the HotSpotter takes 2 standard AAA batteries, it is a little thicker than what you might want but you soon forget that after you have used it and found how invaluable it is. I have used my HotSpotter almost everyday for the past three weeks and there has been no degradation in its ability to detect APs. Although I have not seen it yet, there is an indicator that displays LOW BATTERY when they run down.

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