YouTube experiences massive outage, affecting users worldwide

Multiple major social media platforms and other internet services, including YouTube, experienced technical issues on Tuesday evening. YouTube confirmed that some of its users were having trouble uploading videos. Other platforms that faced disruptions include Discord and TikTok.

In a statement on Google’s support page, it was revealed that users might encounter an empty home page, error messages, loading wheels when scrolling through Shorts videos, and a lack of new video uploads when scrolling the Shorts feed.

Google assured users, “Rest assured, we are already working on a fix!” In a corresponding message on its X account, YouTube stated: “Thanks to everyone who’s sent in reports about upload issues on YouTube: we’re on it! We’ll update here as soon as everything is back to normal.”

Google working on solving the issue.

Discord users also encountered issues. On Tuesday evening, some users reported that they could not load messages, while others said they could not access the service at all. However, the company soon reported that the incident had been resolved and everything was working correctly.

Prior to this, we reported a widespread failure hitting Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. These three platforms, owned by Meta, stopped working for many users, with the widespread issues starting at around 7:00 PM Moscow Time.

The root cause of these extensive outages remains unclear. Sometimes, multiple platforms simultaneously malfunction if they use the same cloud services. However, none of the major cloud service providers have so far reported any issues. Others link the issues to reports of damaged internet cables in the Red Sea connecting Europe with Asia. However, these reports of new damages surfaced yesterday, while the internet disruptions only started today.

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