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AudioVox 6600 and Clipboard Use

To All Whom Use the AudioVox 6600: If you use a PDA like I do, everyday and intensely, the methods of how we get information in and out of these devices is really the crux of the matter. Further, how we input text becomes laborious after a while, especially if it has the same root function. Let me explain…. In my experience of using PDA’s, from the Velo to this AudioVox 6600, my main purpose has been toward solving one of the greatest problems of medicine, that of trying to read the doctor’s handwriting. To say that my handwritten notes are completely unrecognizable would be a complement; they are really horrrible! So, for the last seven years I have been using PDAs to do my notes, and have even used an electronic medical record for about the same time. Keeping a database of previously entered notes allows for good patient care! The EMR I use is called Patient Tracker; it even syncs with the desktop version I run on Windows XP, which by the way is running on Virtual PC on my PowerBook. The AudioVox is recognized through ActiveSync, and all notes are synchronized nicely. This is the first PDA (in my experience) that the Mac recognized through USB, so I intend to use it for a good while! The reason I write this is that I need your help. My experiences are much like yours with these “new devices.” I too can not make the SanDisk WiFi 256 MB card to work on the Audiovox, and I also had trouble with the BT Jabra 250 and a wireless BT keyboard until I did the last update from AudioVox. However, when you carry around a pager, a cell phone, and a PDA, the AudioVox is indeed worth the effort. My main problem is that when I write progress notes in the EMR on the PDA I can not cut/paste the bottom parts of the old note to the new note. This saves valuable time, and allows for better documentation in the office and the hospital. When I was using my previous PDA (an HP 4150 that had BT and WiFi built in), the version of Pockcet PC OS was 2003 Premium Edition. It was compatible with PHM’s powertoys, which had the clipboard function I needed. Now working with the AudioVox 6600, I have tried ScrapPanel without success (even got a refund from the author), and even gave PHM’s PowerToys a go. No luck anywhere. What I need is simply a program that allows for simple copy and paste funciton from one PPC proggie to the next, and something that is compatible with this “second edition” of the 2003 OS. Nothing in medicine is pre-defined, so even the latest program out called “TapText” would even work. All I need is to copy and paste in a stand alone PPC app! Lastly, I have been a user of many PDAs as I noted above. I use them for the care of my patients in ways that matter. If you have any success with a type of program that does what I need, please forward it to me. I am even willing to beta test something! Oh, by the way, SanDisk will have a driver out for those of us with the WiFi 256 MB SD card soon, probably in the next few months. Sincerely,


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DrsPDA, did you find a solution to your problem? I think such a function would be very useful.

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