I went back to Dave’s iPAQ and changed the screen orientation to landscape.

The change was instantaneous and the view, well, spectacular does not give the description justice! The clarity of what I was viewing was better than anything I have ever seen. I think they must have had my eyes in mind when they designed this device…I can see…CLEARLY!! I ended up visiting well over 20 sites; each one was a terrific experience.

Screen clarity…unbelievable! WiFi…fast! Internet…excellent! So far, I am very happy. It was time for me to investigate the touchpad. I had changed the screen back to portrait and began touching the raised dots on the TouchPad while I was in SETTINGS. The lightest touch of my finger moved the highlighted icon to the next icon and pressing lightly in the center activated the icon. Pretty neat!

As I scrolled through the list, I stopped at the Synaptics icon and tapped it. The NavPoint Settings came up, so I changed from navigation mode to cursor mode. A little cursor appeared and I was able to move around the screen by sliding my finger on the TouchPad. It took a few seconds to get used to it but I was able to master the concept rather quickly. There is an excellent help file that has been provided…kudos to HP…it was very helpful. In addition, Synaptics has a tutorial on their site that was well worth visiting. After looking at the help menu and then running the tutorial, it was a piece of cake to use the NavPoint in either mode. Clearly, in time and with practice, the use of the stylus will be greatly diminished especially when you have a quick item to lookup. I like this new feature…very cool!

There were 24 items under PROGRAMS (that surprised me): Games Folder, Pocket Informant Utilities Folder, Active Sync, BT Phone Manager, Calculator, ClearVue PDF, ClearVue Presentation, Dockware, File Explorer, Find, How Do I, HP Image Zone, HP Mobile Printing, iPAQ Backup, iTask, MSN Messenger, Nav Point Mode, Notes, Pocket Excel, Pocket Informant, Pocket MSN, Pocket Word, Print Manager, and Terminal Services Client. There is a lot of stuff to look at and spend time on. There will be some things that I will never use but there is an excellent mixture of items to get the vast majority of folks successfully running and having a great initial experience.

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