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Can I get a ip6315 to work with my cingular service?

HEllo eveyone, I want to get an iPaq h6315 Pocket PC. The problem is I have cingular service and cant change because my phone is mine through my work. I currently have a motorola tha has a SIMM card in it. Can I still get the pocket pc to work with cingular even though I cant change to T Mobile???


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Hi Frank:

you might have read elsewhere on this forum that you can use your cingular account on ipaq 6315, but your ipaq must be unlocked for that, usually TMobile locks the phones so they cant be used with other service providers. I have a slightly used unlocked set and if you are interested please contact me at ejazmazhar@gmail.com, I am using it on my Cingular account and it works fine. I have also upgraded the ROM on it with the latest one (official HP upgrade) and its working fine. Thanks.



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