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Another Dead H5550 OK – I know several of you guys and gals have been through this … The old story – Left my 5550 on the table for a couple of weeks whilst on hols.

Today it is dead . Pluged in – Jacket battery charged up so charger/cable thingy both fine – no charging on main unit. Left it plugged in all night.


Found this forum. Have removed battery (and stuck in the freezer for good measure – although I am sceptical about that part).

Any real ideas about how long the backup battery will take to die compleatly and it should be safe to reattach main batery and attempt resussitation ????


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Welcome to Dave’s IPAQ. I think it takes at least 2 hours for the backup battery to drain. When you reinstall battery connect to AC power press reset button on bottom with stylus Let us know if it comes back to you.


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