Do You Drive And Use Your Cell?

In an article to be published in the British Medical Journal today was a recent study analyzing the role of mobile phones in motor vehicle crashes resulting in hospitalization. The study took place in Perth, Western Australia and has some interesting (but predictable) results.

There were 456 participants aged 17 or greater who owned or used mobile phones and had been involved in road crashes necessitating hospital attendance between April 2002 and July 2004. The study compared and analyized the driver’s use of their mobile phone at the estimated time of crash and on trips at the same time of day in the week before the crash. Interviews were conducted with the drivers in hospitals and comparisons of phone company’s records were made of phone use.

Findings were that driver’s use of a mobile phone up to 10 minutes before a crash was associated with a fourfold increased likelihood of crashing (odds ratio 4.1, 95% confidence interval 2.2 to 7.7, P The risk was raised irrespective of whether or not a hands-free device was used (hands-free: 3.8, 1.8 to 8.0, P
When drivers use a mobile phone there is an increased likelihood of a crash resulting in injury. Using a hands-free phone is not any safer.

You can read the entire study in pdf format HERE.

Editors Note:

The Real Conclusion – SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING and enjoy the scenery!

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