Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC?

So you say you’re in an environment that is significantly harsher than the average guy going out skiing, boating, camping or mountain climbing. Are you in an environment that is filled with dirt, water, sand, snow, rain, humidity as well as constant bumping, jarring, shock and impact? If that is your situation, then you need a case that can absolutely handle the rough treatment of severe field use!

This is when one might consider purchasing a ruggedized PDA but are you going to take that PDA and bring it into the boardroom? I don’t think so! If you had the perfect case that would provide you the protection you needed as well as the ability to use your device in a variety of situations, wouldn’t you rather be in that situation? I would!

OtterBox has the perfect solution for extreme work conditions; a case where you can take that iPAQ and use it without any fear of damage. The OtterBox Armor 3600 provides you with the ultimate protection for extreme circumstances. Made from an indestructible reinforced ABS plastic, this case offers protection beyond your wildest expectation.

Larger in overall size than the 1900, this case offers a little more flexibility for the person in the field. An option to have a “through-the-Box” Connectivity Kit allowing multiple sizes of cables to be used while maintaining the total seal from the elements is important as well as the ability to have a “deep box” that allows the use of expansion sleeves or super extended batteries. Of course, similar to the 1900, there is the option to add a large or medium POD for barcode readers, GPS receivers and other large accessories.

A split case design, held together with four compound locking latches that tightly and firmly hold the two halves locking them in place as a rubber gasket seals the halves together. As you view the front of this case, there is a larger screen display than the 1900 that allows you to view your entire iPAQ as it is cushioned in the case. I really like the flip cover on this case because when it closes, it is firmly held in place with the rubberized material that surrounds the case; providing just a bit more protection from moisture. Like the 1900, next to the flip cover, a stylus holder is integrated into the case.

The look is somewhat similar to the 1900 yet it is a distinctly different case. Scalloped on the sides for easier gripping by your hand, it fits nicely and is secured to your hand with a cushioned hand strap. As large as it is, it has very comfortable feel to it (The external dimensions are L 8.5 – W 4.5 – D 2.4 inches and the internal dimensions are L 6.750 – W 3.500 – D 1.125 inches). The available colors are the same as the 1900 (Fluorescent Yellow and Midnight Black). I still prefer the yellow because it looks more like an accent with the dark colored sure-grip rubber over-molding enveloping the case.