New JDParts Mobile!

JDParts team traveled to Norfolk, Nebraska to learn more about a growing trend in agriculture: high speed wireless Internet access from the field. Rich Lutz of Lutz Farms (3,000+ acres) is using his Compaq iPAQ (pictured in Rich’s hand below) to access the Internet from the field. From the field Rich transfers his Greenstar’ data to his PC, checks markets, and now he can check parts inventory from the field, with a new service we are offering to registered customers: JDParts Mobile This link will open up a new browser window.

You can check your dealer’s inventory right from the field, using any mobile device.*

What you need: Any Internet browser will work for JDParts Mobile, however, JDParts Mobile is specifically formatted to work on handheld devices such as Palm’ pilots or Pocket PCs with Internet access. If you have a handheld device but do not have wireless Internet access, contact your local Internet service provider.

You can try it out on your own computer now, by following these simple steps: Find out here

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