MCL Technologies and Vocollect Provide Customers with Voice Recognition for Mobile Computers

MCL Technologies, a recognized leader in high-productivity software development tools for mobile workforce applications, and Vocollect, the global leader in voice-directed work, announced the release of MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice(TM).

MCL-Collection is a sophisticated software suite to create, integrate, and deploy enterprise, multimodal mobile worker applications quickly and easily. Now, MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice, brings voice input and output control to these same applications.

“MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice is the culmination of two years of integration effort by MCL and Vocollect to integrate Vocollect Voice into MCL-Collection,” said Larry Sweeney, vice president product management for Vocollect. “Our partnership with MCL makes it possible for those enterprises that want to voice-enable screen-based handheld devices to quickly realize the benefits that voice technology brings to mobile workforce applications.”

With its proven ability to reliably translate human speech input into transaction data and transaction data to speech output, Vocollect Voice increases the productivity and data capture speed for mobile workforce applications developed with MCL-Collection.

“MCL sees all data capture methods as complementary technologies,” said Jean-Francois Jacques, Managing Director, MCL Technologies. “MCL’s unique multimodal implementation of voice allows enterprises to mix and match data capture technologies. Be it barcode scanning, imaging, radio frequency identification, keyboard input, or voice recognition, a mobile worker has the flexibility to use whichever data capture technology is most convenient and efficient to perform the task at hand. Customers do not need to choose one data capture technology over another for their voice deployments.”

MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice comprises two new components in the MCL-Collection. The first, MCL-Designer Add-On with Vocollect Voice(TM), voice-enables mobile workforce applications created using MCL-Designer. The second, MCL-Client with Vocollect Voice(TM), resides on the mobile computer and executes the voice-enabled mobile workforce applications created using MCL-Designer with its Vocollect Voice Add-On.

MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice operates in an open-systems environment. It voice-enables MCL applications that run on voice-capable mobile computers running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) for Pocket PC 2003. MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice works cross-platform, and cross-manufacturer.

With more and more mobile computers adding voice capabilities, companies will realize all the benefits of MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice across the entire range of multimodal mobile worker applications from route-management; quality control; utility meter reading; car accident insurance appraisals; and healthcare applications to name just a few.

About MCL Technologies

MCL Technologies is a recognized leader in delivering high-productivity software development tools for mobile workforce application development, deployment, and management. Its enterprise-ready, standards-based software suite, MCL-Collection, seamlessly integrates the latest technologies with mobile computer, multi-manufacturer, cross-platform compatibility. Through the integration of mobile computing, wireless infrastructures, and data capture technologies like barcode scanners, radio frequency identification, and voice recognition, MCL-Collection helps organizations deploy mission critical and on-demand multimodal applications to improve workforce productivity, reduce costs, and achieve competitive advantage. More information is available at

About Vocollect

Each day, over 75,000 workers in hundreds of companies on five continents use Vocollect’s Voice-Directed Work(TM) solutions to increase fulfillment accuracy, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Since pioneering voice recognition for industry in 1987, Vocollect has set the standard for voice-directed business solutions that cut operating costs by eliminating errors and improving worker productivity shift after shift.

Leading WMS providers, material handling integrators and specialty voice solution providers around the world choose the performance and reliability of Vocollect to deliver hands and eyes-free distribution solutions. To learn more, please visit us at

Vocollect and Vocollect Voice are trademarks of Vocollect, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.


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