60-Minute Videos Now Available on TikTok, But Not Everyone Can Upload Them

TikTok is currently testing a new feature that would enable users on the platform to upload videos that are up to 60 minutes long. According to company representatives, this new feature is currently available to a limited number of users and there are no immediate plans to make it available to the wider public.

Deviation from the Original Video Length

This new development marks a significant shift for TikTok which originally allowed users to upload videos that were only 15 seconds long. Despite the app’s popularity owing to its short video format, TikTok has progressively increased the permissible length for uploaded videos over the past few years, signaling its intention to compete with major video hosting sites like YouTube.

Greater Flexibility for Creators

The longer video duration offers TikTok creators greater flexibility. Users can now create stories using multiple videos directing viewers to watch subsequent parts. Previously, this method was less user-friendly. The company reports that users often express a desire to post longer videos to showcase cooking skills, comedic narratives, and other similar content. TikTok developers interpret the demand for longer video durations as a desire for greater flexibility and creative freedom amongst their users.

A New Competitive Edge

The capacity to upload 60-minute videos also enables creators to post full-length episodes of serial shows, providing the platform with a competitive edge. This makes the platform a stronger competitor against other video sharing sites such as YouTube.

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