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Sync 3835 with two desktops

My work desktop will not allow installation of programs on C drive. Activesync, however is installed and I can sync files, calendar, contacts, email, etc.

I need to load programs that were on my pda prior to switching the battery. Is it possible to load Activesync on a different desktop to load programs and not sync contacts/calendar/inbox/files? Thanks.

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Yes it is possible. I have not done so but I believe you would set it up as a guest on the 2nd pc. Then click on Options on the AS window, and uncheck all those you do not wish to sync. Hope this is correct and that it helps.


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Yes, Activesync and Pocket PC allow a PDA to have a profile for 2 computers. Over 2 computers and you need to connect as guest. Generally most users setup a profile with home and work computers, then use guest for temp access at other computers.

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