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So I have it working fine on two of my iPAQs…now to try it on my Sony laptop. This was a very easy setup because I just had to turn Bluetooth on, discover the device and find the services it offers. The drivers on my laptop worked and the mouse is doing its thing. Now I have several options for my laptop; Touch Pad, Wireless optical mouse and now the ThinkOutside Bluetooth mouse. It is nice to have options!

The mouse has a few options for you to configure the buttons. The basic functions like mouse click, context menu, start menu, Today screen and of course all data files. So if you want, you can start and use a program with the click of the mouse. It is terrific for games…I’ve been using it with PDAmill’s Arvale: Journey of Illusion. Its performance has been outstanding!

After the software has been loaded, when you go to the Today screen there is a small mouse in the lower right hand corner. Clicking on this mouse will bring up the opening screen of the mouse software that will allow you to enable the mouse. Of course, after the mouse has been enabled, it is very cool to navigate around and see the arrow moving. I have attached a picture to show the cursor arrow.

The drivers and software that came with the CD were fine on my 5555, however, I had to download an update for my 4700 to get it to work properly. On the 4700, I was only able to program the center button (which is all I would do anyway) but for those that might like to program the left and right buttons it might be a problem. Other than that, I have had no problems and nothing but a fun experience.

Size, style, comfort, and added flexibility make this a MUST HAVE device to complement your iPAQ!

For the serious user that wants to utilize Bluetooth with your iPAQ and Bluetooth with your laptop as well, then Think Outside’s Stowaway Travel Mouse is an outstanding choice!

Cost: $79.99


Excellent style


Small form factor

Terrific battery life

Supports scroll wheel and right button clicking

Programmable buttons

Support for Pocket Word, Excel, Messaging & other applications

Storage Case


Difficult combining different Bluetooth devices

Packaging too hard to open

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

To find out more about the new ThinkOutside Stowaway Travel Mouse, you can visit their site here.

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