Leaking Games Before Release Becomes Riskier – Denuvo Creators Share About TraceMark for Games Technology

Irdeto, a company known for its Denuvo anti-piracy protection, has introduced TraceMark for Games, an innovative tool designed to prevent leaks at all stages of game development by creating unique digital fingerprints for different builds and individual game copies.

TraceMark for Games is an adaptation of the digital watermark technology. Such solutions are keenly employed by Hollywood studios, sports leagues, and other organizations. However, this will be its first introduction to the gaming industry. The developers regard the product as a defensive tool against leaks during closed beta tests and distribution of review copies to journalists.

Watermark technology illustration. Left: original image. Right: Marked. Centre: Difference. Source: George Shuklin / wikipedia.org

“TraceMark for Games establishes a new standard in combating piracy in the gaming industry. This innovative solution marks not only a significant milestone in Irdeto’s history but also a breakthrough in protecting the creators’ and financial investments in game development worldwide. We understand the gaming community’s specific problems, and TraceMark is our contribution to the preservation of valuable assets throughout the entire product lifecycle,” commented Niels Haverkorn, Irdeto’s Senior Vice President for New Markets, on the debut of TraceMark for Games.

The technology allows for the integration of both visible and invisible watermarks. It is compatible with all popular gaming platforms and can be amalgamated with other Irdeto products, including Denuvo.

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