A Scary Horror Inspired by “Paranormal Activity” Will Be Released by the Developer of The Mortuary Assistant – here’s the first teaser for Paranormal Activity: Found Footage.

In a third attempt to leverage the popularity of the supernatural horror film franchise ‘Paranormal Activity’, Paramount will be releasing a new video game. Despite previous games failing to garner substantial success, the company is undeterred in its pursuit.

Horror game developer Brian Clarke, also known as DarkStone Digital and known for ‘The Mortuary Assistant’, has partnered with Paramount Game Studios and publisher DreadXP to announce Paranormal Activity: Found Footage.

The upcoming game represents the horror genre based on ‘found footage’ concept. As per this concept, the gameplay unfolds through materials styled as discovered video or film recordings. The announcement was accompanied by a brief teaser.

The game promises to expand the universe and mythology of ‘Paranormal Activity’. It also promises an advanced system that adjusts the type and intensity of scary moments, based on player behavior.

“If you found The Mortuary Assistant scary, get ready: We are combining the development experience of that game with a more dynamic and terrifying horror system. It will be intense!” Clarke assured.

Clarke mentioned on his Twitter handle that since the announcement of Paranormal Activity: Found Footage, he has received numerous words of support with a clear message: ‘Do not mess up’.

The release of Paranormal Activity: Found Footage is expected in 2026, available on multiple platforms (exact platforms not specified yet). This new game is being touted as one of the scariest titles in the DreadXP catalog.

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