Next-generation Pokemon: Pokemon Legends: Z-A announced for Nintendo Switch Family Systems

Pokemon Company Announces “Pokemon Legends: Z-A”

In acknowledgement of International Pokemon Day, The Pokemon Company (TPC) has announced a brand-new game in its popular series, Pokemon Legends: Z-A. The revelation was made during a recent episode of the Pokemon Presents show.

Set in Fan-Favorite Lumiose City

Pokemon Legends: Z-A’s events will take place in the franchise’s fan-favorite city, Lumiose City, which developers plan to remodel into a location friendly for both humans and Pokemon.

The strategic trailer for Pokemon Legends: Z-A, without any gameplay footage, has already stirred intrigue in the fanbase. Two major elements have sparked excitement.

Firstly, the game marks a return to the sixth generation region of Kalos, home to Lumiose City. Secondly, the trailer alludes to the mega evolution mechanic’s return, which hasn’t been seen in the series for several years.

Developed by Game Freak for Switch Family Systems

As stated in the official press release by The Pokemon Company, Japanese studio Game Freak is developing Pokemon Legends: Z-A for “Switch family systems”.
This is a notable change from previous games in the series, which mentioned Switch without such specifics. This suggests that Pokemon Legends: Z-A could be released on not only the current Nintendo Switch but also its successor.

Projected Release in 2025

Pokemon Legends: Z-A release is expected during 2025. There are rumors that the Nintendo Switch 2 will premiere next March. Given the timing, it’s plausible that the new Pokemon game may be among the first for the future console.

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