New Patch to Halt Exponential Population Growth of Sheep in Manor Lords — They Were Taking Over Villages

Slavic Magic, a Polish developer, has come to the rescue of users of its medieval city-building strategy game, Manor Lords, who have fallen victim to an exponential growth of sheep in the game.

Sheep Overpopulation in Manor Lords

Initially, medieval farmers of Manor Lords rejoiced at the exponential growth of the sheep population. However, the market quickly became saturated with wool, and the number of these ruminant animals in the pastures kept increasing.

For example, in late April, Reddit user JamesBlonde333 complained that he was “drowning” in sheep and their wool, with no possibility to sell them quickly enough: his village had 1,500 inhabitants and 2,100 sheep.

 View of JamesBlonde333's village (source: Reddit)

New Patch Resolves Sheep Overpopulation

As noted by the portal PC Gamer, the new patch for Manor Lords, which is currently being tested, solves the sheep surplus problem by limiting the birth rate of sheep to one lamb every 10 days.

The beta version of the update 0.7.965 is available for testing on Steam and includes dozens of changes in the gameplay and balance of Manor Lords, some of which are experimental. The timeframe for the full patch release is unspecified.

 Slavic Magic Image source

Sheep Restrictions in Manor Lords

It’s noteworthy that this is not even the first restriction regarding sheep in the game – even before the launch of early access, the Manor Lords developer eliminated the loophole with the “endless money” that one could make from selling sheep wool.

Manor Lords Early Access

Manor Lords’ early access started on April 26 on Steam (1499 rubles), GOG, Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass. Sales of the game reached 2 million copies in just two weeks, surpassing even the “boldest” expectations of its publisher.

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