“People Called Me Crazy”: Bug Suspected by Players for Years to be Fixed in Stardew Valley’s Patch 1.6

Ahead of the release of major patch 1.6 for the popular farming life simulator, Stardew Valley, developer Eric Barone is unveiling a new feature every day, teasing fans with captivating updates.

Barone recently confirmed a long-standing glitch since the game’s release eight years ago; harvesting crops from left to right was slightly faster than harvesting from the right to left.

According to Barone, the difference in animation cycle speed between the harvesting directions was about 100ms, making it relatively imperceptible. The upcoming update will make both actions equally quick.

Over the years, dedicated fans sensed this disparity and even conducted their own experiments. However, many were oblivious to this oddity. One such player was blogger, Grishord, who exclaimed, “I knew it! People called me crazy!”

Image of Stardew Valley game

Besides this revelation, Barone announced that, with the release of patch 1.6, felled fruit trees will leave behind a corresponding quality sapling, simplifying the process of rearrangement for players within their gardens.

One might assume such a minor adjustment would garner little response. However, fans have called this improvement a game-changing turning point in the game’s evolution in response to the teaser.

Stardew Valley’s update 1.6 will roll out on March 19, exclusively for PC. The patch will include three festivals, a new farm type, new items, recipes, dialogues (over 100), and eight player multiplayer support.

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