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News Updates

Hi, I am just wondering what is, in your opinion, the best way to receive news or weather updates on your iPAQ. Thanks,


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I use AvantGo for my news, and Spb Weather for my weather. Both automatically update, and work great!
Spb Weather doesn’t have a great seletion of locations, but it provides the most accurate info i’ve found in a pda weather program. AvantGo has a huge range of channels and works equally as well.

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I also use AvantGo, I recommend it as well __________________
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I have always enjoyed AvantGo…highly reccomended!

Another consideration, depending on your needs is NewsBreak from illium Software. This is a terrific program to get the latest headlines, weather, sports, business, and entertainment news wirelessly with a news feed reader for your iPAQ.

This is an absolute favorite of mine. __________________ Jack Cook Senior Editor, Dave’s iPAQ

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