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Universal Remote for hx2750???

Can anyone suggest a good universal IR remote software package that will suit the hx2750? I upgraded from the h2210 and the embedded Nevo universal remote in that is quite awesome for wreaking havoc at the department store, controlling someone’s crappy stereo at a party, or adjusting TV’s at the nightclub, not to mention useful at home. But so far, the one’s I’ve seen don’t really compare. The Total Remote from Griffin Technology looked to be my best bet but I can’t even get the trial version to run properly, the IR database seemed very samll, and the instructions are quite poor. But I’m not sure if the trial version has been cut down in any way.

Suggestions, please

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I agree, I’ve got Nevo on my h3970 and on my rx3715. It’s especially great when there’s a football (soccer for you guy’s over the pond!) game on in the pub and they’re about to score! Anyway, I’ve tried VITO Remote out on my hx2755 and although it worked I found that the signal was pretty poor (not a fault with VITO), at least some of the time! Sometimes it was quite good and I could use it from about 6′ or 7′ away from the TV and sometimes I had to be up close enough to touch the TV before it worked.

I’m not sure if there’s a way of boosting the IR signal. I hope so, I used to use the remote quite a lot. I’m wanting to sell my rx3715 but I’m not sure cause I like Nevo so much and the volume is a lot better on the rx3715 but that’s a different issue.

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