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I am writing this review on my hx4700 with my HP bluetooth keyboard and the ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse. At the same time I am running my HP bluetooth headphones listening to some favorite tunes. It is actually pretty impressive to be able to use all this technology at the same time on such a small device. I have to give a lot of credit to the engineers that designed the iPAQ because it is ALL working.

I must admit that with the myriad of things happening on my iPAQ, all at one time, I am quite impressed with the performance. There was however, a learning curve to understand the order to start devices. I had some difficulty in getting all of the devices to work together but after a few trial and error attempts; I now can start the keyboard, headphones, mouse, Windows Media Player and TextMaker…and they all run together. One would think I am running a full-fledged desktop. I have no question that I am pushing the resources of my iPAQ but it is working. Of course, this isn’t something that I would do all the time, but it is sort of cool to know that you can.

Of course the reason for this article is to talk about the mouse…it has to be one of the coolest devices I have ever had to use with my iPAQ. Why? Well I just got through posting a few replies to questions folks had in the forums. The ability to enter text quickly with the keyboard coupled with the scrolling ability of the mouse has made this experience incredible. Think about it, I have all the conveniences of my desktop….and I can do it anywhere I want. This is good!

The mouse came in a plastic form fit package neatly placed inside. The package, like all packages, showed what was inside but what caught my attention was the wording World’s first mouse for both PDAs and computers! I just thought it was nice to be at the forefront of technology…I couldn’t wait to open it. Do I hate this type of packaging…it takes forever to open it unless you have an exacto knife to cut through the thick plastic (and hopefully not your hand). Even a good pair of scissors has trouble…but I finally got it open and immediately placed the mouse in the palm of my hand.

Taking the mouse from its package and as I held it in my hand for the first time, it had an amazing feel to it. I can’t quite describe it but I knew it was going to be a mouse that I would be comfortable with, not only with my 4700 and 5555 but with my Sony laptop. All are constant companions and the ability to have a mouse that will connect with each is a real plus! The size…it is small, about the the length of a lighter and almost twice as wide. It has this new black rubberized material over the top and a clear plastic on the bottom allowing you to see the inner workings. It has the typical mouse setup; two buttons, and a scroll wheel that also serves as another button by pushing on it. Neatly embossed on the palm portion are the words Think Outside with the box logo.

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