Got a PocketPC or Smartphone get your live TV!

The World’s First Live Full Motion TV On Smart Cellular Phones!

It’s the ultimate in portable television. Actual live TV on your cell phone! Streaming TV programs that look like TV “ not downloaded clips that take forever and only play for a few seconds or minutes. This is live streaming TV not the jumpy, out-of-sync slide shows you’ve grown accustomed to that look nothing like TV.

At last, the real thing!

Network TV shows and special programming developed specifically for cellular devices that you can enjoy wherever you are, whenever you want! You no longer have to wait until you reach your destination to have access to the latest breaking news, weather updates, stock reports, sports scores and play-by-play action of your favorite team.

Offering a wide variety of programming to choose from that includes all major entertainment genres – music videos, cartoons, national and local affiliate programming, movie trailers and much, much more!

What is SmartVideo?

With SmartVideo, your mobile device now becomes your personal mobile entertainment unit, enabling you to watch breaking news, sports, weather, financial information and entertainment shows whenever or wherever you want. SmartVideo is Live Television ” the same broadcast and premium channels you watch on television are now available on your mobile device. SmartVideo’s live television streams at 15 + Frames Per Second [fps] on the current cellular network and the new 3G network. That is full-motion TV with synchronized video and audio in your hand any time you want!

Visit SmartTV Download a 30 day trial

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