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4700 won’t sync contacts from Outlook 2003

Help! I bought a new IPAQ 4700 and was using it fine. I can sync up with it every time. The problem I have is that it won’t move the Contacts from Outlook 2003 on my laptop (XP) to the 4700. The other folders are fine. I re-installed active sync (3.8) re-built Outlook 2003 an did a hard reset. Wierd? Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED! kjrkjr

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I have used outlook 2003 since I bought my 4700, so I doubt it is related to outllok. Are you trying to sync to two seperate computers? I ask because that should work fine, though I have not tried it. Check your AS settings to make sure you have selected all contacts. Options>contct>settings>all, also make sure you are not suncing with a server.

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So one thing to check, cos someone else had a similar prolem , is have you registered this version of OUTLOOK ?


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