DeLorme Blue Logger-Excellence in Technology

With DATA, you pick your maps, routes, waypoints, and GPS logs. The maps are all the maps that you have stored on your device, routes are those that you have created either on your PC and saved to your iPAQ or ones that you have created on the iPAQ in the field. You can create Waypoints either on your PC or on your iPAQ and GPS logs are either imported from your Blue Logger (if you set it up to log your movements) or are created on your iPAQ while connected to the Blue Logger. I found that both methods are easy and very exact!

The GPS gives you the option to connect or disconnect, check your settings, create a log of where you have been, monitor your direction, heading and elevation. The SKY VIEW shows you the satellites available for use and the Channel View will give you their information. SUN/MOON gives you the date, zone, coordinates of where you are along with information about the sun and moon (rise/set).

The TOOLS menu allows you to create waypoints, create direct routes, create a road route, an excellent find feature, a go to position, a distance calculator, and an option menu where you can check your preferences, get help, about and license.

So the interface is really quite simple and intuitive (especially if you have had any experience with GPS). If you are new to GPS, then there is a short learning curve but it is well worth it, this is an incredible program and the best device I have ever used for GPS tracking. The ?logging? feature is an astonishing piece of technology. I am not sure how it works?nor do I really care. I can only tell you that it works better than I ever imagined.

Using Blue Logger Manager, I had set my device to enable logging when it was powered on. I placed the logger in my shirt pocket and went downstairs to go for a walk. My wife asked me to do an errand so forgetting that I had turned on the Blue Logger, I drove across town, dropped off a package and returned home. It was then that I realized that it was in my pocket and on. I went upstairs when I returned and enabled Blue Logger Manager. I had decided to see what information was stored so I downloaded the data from the device.

Blue Logger Manager easily and quickly retrieved the data, saved it and synced it to my iPAQ. I then displayed the logged route on my iPAQ. This was an eye opening experience. My entire trip was displayed and I had the ability to review my trip. This is a terrific feature!

Now was the time to see how well it would work if I created a route on my iPAQ, connected the devices and start to track my travels. Sitting in my car, I created a 10 mile route that incorporated a variety of turns. It was easy to set the points and then have it calculate the route. When it was completed, the route appeared and I was ready to proceed.

I enabled the Logger, started Blue Tooth on my iPAQ, went back to Street Atlas USA and pressed the connect button. In 2 seconds it was connected showing a green dot telling me that I had a 3-D GPS connection. Just before I started to drive, I turned on TRACKING and as I started, my iPAQ started to speak telling me to ?turn right in less than ? mile?. It guided me through my route easily and returned me back to my home. Needless to say, I was thrilled at how well it worked.

So what have I been able to do with my Earthmate Blue Logger GPS?

1. I have created log files with my Blue Logger that I have easily been able to import to my device. Using these logs, I have created routes that I have saved for future use.

2. I have been able to create simple and complicated routes (both on my desktop and iPAQ) that have easily guided me to my destinations.

3. I have been able to create ?specialized? maps of long trips to monitor my trip progress and guide me as I drive.

4. I?ve used Blue Logger to locate where I am while hiking.

5. I have looked for and found streets or places using a powerful FIND feature.

Frankly, I have only scratched the surface of the capabilities of this device. With other applications that are available, the potential is enormous. DeLorme?s Blue Logger is by far one powerful device that utilizes the latest technology available. Coupled with Street Atlas USA Hand Held you have the ability to go anywhere and do anything without fear of getting lost.

For the past quarter of a century, Delorme has been known as the premier mapmaker of mapping products and technical solutions for the home user and the professional. DeLorme?s reputation as the leader in the mapping industry is second to none and judging from my experience with Earthmate?s Blue Logger, their reputation just got stronger.

If you are looking for a GPS solution, then this is it!

Street Atlas USA Handheld features include:

Street-level maps for the entire U.S., from rural roads to detailed city streets

Canadian primary and secondary roads

Address-to-address routing directly on your handheld computer

Search functionality lets you quickly locate your address book contacts or over 4 million updated points of interest on the map. Includes restaurants, hotels, attractions, banks, schools, and more Ability to track your location using Blue Logger GPS real time on street-level maps anywhere in the U.S.

Ability to store the maps on removable-media devices.

Voice prompts for Pocket PC (not available on Palm OS devices)


Very small form factor

Data logging capability is the best on the market

Excellent battery life

Blue Logger Manager interface is excellent



Rating: 5 out of 5

You can visit here.


Have you read my review on the new Earthmate GPS Receiver coupled with DeLorme’s Bluetooth Wireless Earthmate GPS PowerPack? If not, then you can read it here.

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