MobilePro Files Patent

MobilePro Corp. announced that it has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for an invention it created involving semiconductor technology. The application covers 28 claims with broad applicability to cell phones, PDAs, and other devices, which rely on radio-frequency transmissions for data and voice interchange.

The patent application describes a technology that is designed to reduce the “noise” associated with the translation of an RF signal into usable sound or other signal by taking previously ignored aspects of an RF signal and utilizing them to achieve greater clarity.

MobilePro president and CEO Jay Wright said, “Today’s announcement represents the latest invention coming out of MobilePro’s technology division, Neoreach. We believe the invention could improve cell phone reception clarity and thus make talking on a cell phone or PDA less frustrating. Obviously, such an invention, if granted patented status by the PTO, could have significant benefits for MobilePro and its shareholders.”

MobilePro CFO Kurt Gordon said, “We believe this patent application, if issued, would significantly increase the value of our intellectual property holdings. Worldwide cell phone sales totaled over 500 million units sold in 2003 and we would love to be able to capture a piece of that market. We are continuing to research and develop wireless technologies and anticipate important additional applications will be developed during the coming months.”