The “Coolness” Continues With SCOTTeVEST Hidden Cargo Pants

Inside the waist on the right side behind the pockets is a small hidden Watch Pocket just right for a key, a pocket watch, a folded bill, or anything small you want access to immediately. It is a nice addition to these pants! Of course you have two rear pockets that are perfect for your wallet or your iPAQ (as long as you don’t sit on it). Again, Scott saw the value of his magnetic closures and included them in the rear pockets. A great idea especially if you’re like me and never button a pocket because it is usually just too much trouble. The magnet is just perfect for securing your items and maintaining that “trim” look.

The pants have a great look and fit perfectly. A feature that gives you the ability to “fine tune” the look is a drawstring that is neatly integrated in the pants through the rear waistband. The ability to “snug” or loosen the pants is a great idea that should be incorporated in all pants!

The button in the front is very cool! It is a metal button that toggles and rotates. It has a very cool SEV logo on it. There is no chance of ever losing this button! In addition, there is a secondary button that gives that “polished” appearance look to a pair of pants. The belt loops are the right size and the rear loop has the SEV logo embroidered on it. It is a very simple design that adds just a bit of class. I like it!

See them in action here!

Of course, Scott has included the patent-pending Personal Area Network (P.A.N.) from Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) into the design. I like using the PAN because it allows me to discreetly wire my devices without folks seeing the wires “hanging” outside my pants. You will find these pants are perfect for work, everyday use, traveling, hiking, and virtually all the time you want that look of “coolness”.

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