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Thinkoutside Stowaway Travel Mouse I got the BT Mouse and after I have uninstalled the drivers for the HP Keyboard, as instructed, the mouse will not detect the bluetooth stack.I have the rx3715, running WM2003 SE rel 4.21.1088, build 1435.2.0.0, ROM Revision 1.01.11, and have downloaded the latest driver from Thinkoutside for the unit. I cannot get the mouse to connect to the PDA to save my life. Numerous unload and reloads always meet with the same results, so I must be doing the same thing wrong each time: “Bluetooth system

not decteded.” Help me…… please…..

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On occasion I have had that problem…a real PIA!! What I have done is when that message appears, I do a soft reset and then go back to start the keyboard. Generally it works right away but there are times when I need to do a couple of resets.

I don’t know of any other work around yet.

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