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I bought a hx4700 this weekend. Haven’t had too much time to play. My previous PDA is a iPac 3835. As it appears Pocket PC 2003 uses more mem and the other added software loaded on the 4705 use up space as well, I am a little concerned I will have enough room. I do realize that the File Store has more memory than the 3835 and I can load some software there. I haven’t loaded anything as yet. Some of the software I was using may be redundant on the 4705. And with Bluetooth, it might be a good idea to have some form of virus software, if any is available for Pocket PC’s. Also some of my software loaded for the 3835 was for ARM processors and or for Pocket PC 2002. Any comments would be appreciated on the above, but I do have a few questions. 1. Can I use the SD card I was using for my 3835 in the 4705? (I may just copy the files to my desktop and reformat my CF and SD cards) 2. What is the best way to load new software/programs since memory is premium (I used to load most of my programs to my card and used the CF for holding the backup files and personal files).

3. I plan to get a screen protecctor. I don’t want one that is too sticky, especially for this screen and it’s digitizer overlay. I used Write Shields from www.pocketpctechs.com on my 3835. They last a long time, but I am not sure if I should get the “clear” (doesn’t affect screen clarity) or the “matt” for future GPS usage.

4. I am new to WiFi access in airports ETC, I tried to access in the airport tonight..it detected a signal, but IE couldn’t find the page. I guess now I have to get serious and read the book more than I have. I am sure some of my questions are there. Also to check out the CD to see if any full versions of any neat software or games. Thanks in advance


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1. I don’t see why you couldn’t use the same SD card in the 4700, as SD cards are not PDA specific, but can be used in multiple devices. 2. Not all programs can be loaded to an SD card. I’d load the programs that you use mostly onto the main memory, and then any others which aren’t as important onto the SD card. But it’s up to you. Just monitor the Memory usage, and take it from there. 3. I’ve been using the Write Shields for some time now, and they’ve been great. I’m not sure what results it would have with the 4700’s vga screen, and i do know that some people prefer to not use the screen protectors on the 4700 device. 4. Few possibilities here. Was the Access Point allowing internet connection? A good tool for this is Cirond’s WinC, this can analyze AP’s, check for internet connections etc. Another thing is, check what Network’s your PDA is configured to connect to. I’m pretty sure that they both should be on “Work”, and not “Internet”. If you still can’t get in, check some of the posts in the WiFi forum.

As for Virus Protection. It isn’t really needed at the moment, but no doubt will be required in the future. I use Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds which seems to work well (Only ever had one infection!). But currently there is only 3 loaded virus defenitions in the Virus Database, so once again, Virus Protection isn’t really required at the moment.

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I would like to add that I install all programs to iPAQ file store except ones that have to go in RAM such as spb pocket plus. There is 64MB available and it won’t get removed, lost, or damaged as can happen with a sd card. And is easier to restore after a hard reset. Also frees both slots for usage. On mine data is stored on the SD and the CF is used for other options such as a wired LAN interface.

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As I said, I need to read more, but when I use Media Player or any other programs, and then close them using the “close programs” feature, it doesn’t release the program memory. Is this normal?

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I have found lots of programs that don’t restore memory after they are closed (are you sure you are closing the program and not just minimizing). Once I have opened and closed many different programs it is usually time for a soft reset to recapture the RAM. Things like Bluetooth and WiFi will have a hard time launching id you have 20MB or so of Program memory in use, even if plenty more is available.

I also use File Store to load most of my apps, except for today plug-ins which prefer to be loaded in RAM. I even have Agenda Fusion (a PIM replacement) loaded in File Store with no noticable speed loss. I am using the PPCTechs WriteShield (matte finish) which they installed with my 128MB RAM upgrade.

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I am using the memory-Running Programs, then stop the programs I want to stop. That is the way I did it on my 3835, but my 4705 doesn’t seem to release them. I have only installed two programs. Mapopolis (file store-SD) and Flash Format (file store). I seems to be, so far, on programs already loaded. I also installed the ROM update last night. EX. right now I only have ActiveSync running. I closed Mapopolis. I have 12.42MB free. I removed it from the cradel and have 13.37MB free. O soft reset…I know have 20.21MB…put on the cradle to sync…17.94MB. Just an example. It doesn’t seem very well thought out to have a “stop programs” and it doesn’t free up the memory they were using.

On the WriteShields..I used them on my 3835 and used the same one for 2 years. It had some marks (X) and down the left side scroll area, but other than that they were great. It has been that long since I have put one one and can’t remember how “sticky” they are. I don’t want it to mess up this great screen. If you can refresh my memory on the ease of removal, I will order a set for the 4705. Thanks for the comments.

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