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Avi Player for 6315???

Do you guys know a good AVI Player for 6315 from the SD Card. Tried betaplayer, it was able to read the file after giving 2 errors. The FPS is discusting, maybe 1 frame per 10 seconds!! Sound is stopping sometimes also. Tried pocketTV, not working with AVI Tried MediaPlayer, does not work…


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Try the shareware PictPocket from Digisoft available at…cketcinema.html It supports supports MPEG-1, AVI, QuickTime, WMV and ASF video as well as JPEG, BMP, TIF and many more.

Installed the application on ipaq file storage on my ipaq h6365, should run ok but occationally warning dialog due to out of memory.

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Posts: 149 don’t remember is something new is there..but have a go….all the apps are free so that’s the best part.

becareful about vBar, not stable on the 6315. will lock your ipaq