Dave’s Ipaq – What Do You Get With A Pair of SeV Lounge Pants? @ Dave’s iPAQ

The pre-washed, 100% combed cotton SeV Lounge Pants have a classic appearance with a very fine ribbing which gives that added “stretch” as you bend or twist. This is not your ordinary pant; this pant has some unique characteristics unlike anything you have.

As you slip them on for the first time, you recognize that the waist band is a high quality elastic encapsulated in the combed cotton. A draw string has been added to give that extra “cinching” you might desire for comfort. And unlike many garments, the ends of the draw string have been sewn to prevent fraying, thus maintaining that great look for years to come.

From the outside, it appears that you have just 4 pockets — 2 front and two rear. But what makes these pants unique is that there are really 11 pockets strategically placed to hold those essentials that you want and need to carry. Inside the waistband, on the right side, is a hidden “watch” pocket. Great for holding that precious pocket watch or even to hold those few extra coins you have. The two rear pockets have a tailored design and included within the fabric are SeV Magnetic Closures to hold your valuables safely.

The front pockets feature a rather unique design. Your hands slip smoothly into the pocket and seemingly, it appears that is all there is to it. WRONG! Upon close investigation, there is a SeV Magnetic Closure neatly hiding a deep hidden pocket. Inside the right pocket, SCOTTEVEST has designed a split so there are two pockets at the bottom.

The left pocket has a similar design with two added features. A hidden zippered pocket for money or valuables as well as a slender pocket placed between the split pockets for holding a pen or stylus. A very cool design!

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