Floating ROM for Sale? Problems with some users..

Things have been quite crazy with this unofficial ROM for the 6315 iPAQ. A site is now SELLING the ROM for $49.95 but a big sale for $34.99 …I am bringing this out for one obvious reason.. This person is trying to make money off something that will be free! Dont buy into this scam…Here is a quote from their site Quote Having trouble with your T-Mobile iPaq 6315 missing calls and locking up? Trying to use your phone on a carrier other than T-Mobile but the 64k sim chip is not working? Tryed to unlock your phone but the code didn’t work? Never fear, K3Live has obtained the latest releases of the ROM update and compiled an installation routine to update your iPaq. Don’t wait for T-Mobile to “maybe” release an update that doesn’t include many of these enhancements and fixes. Take a look at some of the new features:

Some quotes of problems people are having…

Quote “I could send MMS messages whether I was connected over GPRS or Wi-Fi. I have the same exact settings for data connections, the MMS server, etc. as I did on the old version. And yet now, 9 times out of 10, I can’t send MMS over Wi-Fi. I can always do it over GPRS and very rarely it also works over Wi-Fi. However, on the old ROM, it never ever failed. Not once. This happens on different wireless networks, and fails exactly the same way every time.” Quote ‘m experiencing some problems w/ HTTP Mail: It would hang on me and lock the device, and it would take 3-4 soft resets to work again. My inbox is not that big, so I can’t complain about the speed. once I have it running it works well. I did not try to get my mail over WI-FI yet, so I don’t know how that works. However, what you’re saying is that even with a WI-FI connection, when you try to download messages the device is doing this over GPRS?

So please be patient.. HP will not forget us!

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