Long wish list there, peterh! I’m also on the lookout for one software that does most of what you mentioned, but have found no success yet.

I’m currently using Fonix VoiceDial for voice dialling through the 6300 mic only. I haven’t got voice dialling to work via my SonyEricsson HBH65 BT headset and I’m not sure whether it works at all even for other brands/models.

For custom ringtones, I use Caller2Picture which also supports caller ID photo. Ringtones has to be set on an individual basis unfortunately. It recognises .wav and .mid files only, no MP3 nor WMA support. But I find that it does its job quite well.

If you find that assigning ringtones by group/category is a must, then RingToneX is the answer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have caller ID photo support, as far as I’m aware.

You may also want to check out Incesoft Anyring which supports both ringtone customisation and caller ID photo, but I don’t really recommend this because the user manual is really poor (hardly surprising since it was developed by a mainland Chinese company).

For those “profiles” (ie. ring only, vibrate and ring, vibrate only, etc) you may want to check out Phone Profiles which also has support for custom ringtones and caller ID photos. I didn’t really like this software due to the way they required you to create files for custom ringtones and caller ID photos but you may find that you can live with their way of life.

As for last dial and auto redial when busy, I don’t really use this much, so I haven’t had the time to research them. Please share with us if you’ve come across anything that does this.

As you can see from the many options above, it’s quite obvious that this device was not developed by a company which specialises in making mobile telephone handsets, otherwise the features you mentioned would have been standard! But I still live in hope that one software company will develop something that can satisfy our wish list above!

As for your last question, I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest idea…

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