A bug discovered in TikTok allowed hacking of CNN and Paris Hilton’s accounts.

TikTok Vulnerability Exploited to Hack High-Profile Accounts

Bad actors have reportedly exploited a rare vulnerability on the TikTok platform to access top-tier accounts. Their successful takeover includes the CNN account and an attempted seizure of American media personality, Paris Hilton’s account.

According to sources, hackers were disseminating malicious software via personal messages to TikTok users. Upon opening these messages, the perpetrators could seize full control of the recipient’s account, enabling them to edit and delete content and send messages loaded with the harmful software on behalf of the compromised user, as reported by the resource PCMag.

A TikTok representative has stated that the company promptly addressed the vulnerability and is actively collaborating with the owners of affected accounts to restore access. At present, just two compromised accounts are known, but more victims may yet be identified.

These types of assault, characterized as ‘zero-click’ attacks, are typically employed by hackers for spying on high-profile individuals and journalists. In this TikTok case, their primary objective appears to have been the complete takeover of influential accounts.

Although the incident is now resolved, TikTok still faces the task of investigating how the wrongdoers were able to manipulate the platform’s vulnerability. Given the nature of the attack, it’s not expected to impact the ordinary user base.

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