AI Creeps into “Public Services” – The Ministry of Digital Development Tests Different Generative Neural Networks at “Max”

Russian Ministry Trial AI Technology in “Max” Digital Assistant

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media of the Russian Federation is carrying out tests of generative artificial intelligence in the “Max” digital assistant on the “State Services” portal, according to the TASS news agency, which quoted Deputy Minister Oleg Kachanov.

Testing Generative Neural Networks

“Yes, of course [we are testing]. Generative neural networks are planned to be used in the ‘Max’ robot. This is a clear direction for us, we are already going down the path of testing, working out different options,” the source quotes Mr. Kachanov as saying.

Kachanov did not specify which neural networks form the basis for the functions being tested on the “State Services” portal. However, he noted that the Ministry of Digital Development has not yet settled on any specific variant for “Max.” Still, he described the current phase as testing.

AI Implementation Costs

Kachanov also revealed that implementing neural networks is an expensive project, particularly given that not all existing algorithms are equally useful. He said, “That is, we could use something of our own [in terms of an engine], we could use open-source engines, we could use proprietary engines. We are working out different options, and we haven’t stopped at any specific one yet.”

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