Microsoft released a faulty Windows 11 update, but offered a temporary fix and promised to resolve the issue

In a significant stir among users, the February security update KB5034765 for Windows 11 has been causing considerable issues during installation. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, offering a temporary solution, and announced it is working on a complete fix.

Issues Faced During Update

Many Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 users attempting to install the update KB5034765 found the process halting at the 96% mark. Installation then fails, reverting to an error code “0x800F0922”. The failed installation joins a chain of problems caused by the KB5034765 update since its February 13th release. Post successful installation, on certain machines, the taskbar disappeared, there were glitches in the operation of “Explorer”, and in some cases, performance issues were noted.

Microsoft’s Acknowledgement and Temporary Solution

Microsoft, in its acknowledgement of this new error, did not provide any specific timeline for the bug fix. The developer noted that if the update attempt fails, the system automatically reverts the update. As a temporary fix for the issue, Microsoft suggested manually removing the hidden folder C:$WinREAgent, possibly followed by a system reboot. After this, the update should proceed successfully.

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