X launches audio and video calls for all users, not just for paid ones

Social networking platform X, previously known as Twitter, has now made its audio and video call feature available to more users after launching it last year. Initially, the function, which operates similarly to FaceTime and WhatsApp, was only available to paid subscribers as reported by 9to5Mac.

Engineer Enrique Barragan from X, shared the news that the platform had begun gradually rolling out its audio- and video-call functionality to all users, including non-Premium subscribers. X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, also confirmed the news, reposting Barragan’s post.

The paid subscription, X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue), grants users access to additional features such as post editing, longer video uploads, ability to publish longer messages, greater post reach, and fewer ads.

Soon, all of X’s users will be able to use the application to make and receive calls, not just paid subscribers. The audio and video calls are incorporated into the direct message function, similar to other call-supporting apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Through integration with the iOS CallKit API, inbound calls can be viewed on a smartphone’s lock screen, just like regular calls.

However, the implementation of the audio- and video-call function on X has not been entirely well-received. Some have opposed the idea of receiving calls from people they don’t know. Fortunately, users have the option to customise this function to suit their needs or turn it off altogether.

Platform X features

In the settings, users can choose to receive audio and video calls only from contacts in their address book, from users they follow or from verified accounts. The function can be switched off completely by sliding the “Enable audio- and video-calls” toggle.

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