Apple to Provide Full Freedom in Setting Control Center in iOS 18

Apple Set to Revamp Control Center in iOS 18

Apple Inc. plans to significantly enhance customization options in its Control Center for the upcoming iOS 18. The new feature is slated to be unveiled on Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Fresh Updates for a More User-Friendly Interface

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Control Center interface is set to become more flexible. The changes will permit users to rearrange quick access buttons and place them on different pages. It will also feature an updated music widget and improved smart home control settings.

While the iOS 10 Control Center offered several pages, these couldn’t be customized. Contrarily, iOS 18 appears to be poised to provide greater freedom for end-users in organizing this section.

Customizing Control Center on the Fly

In contrast to the partial customizability offered by iOS 17, which allows adding or removing certain control elements while keeping the basic ones such as music player or mode switches fixed, the upcoming iOS 18 will facilitate more dynamic modifications. It will allow users to change the arrangement, as well as add or remove buttons directly from the Control Center interface, thereby eliminating the need for repeated trips to the settings.

The hallmark feature of this revamp is the creation of custom pages with desired control elements, akin to the organization of the iOS home screen through widgets. For instance, a user can assemble all multimedia-related elements – the music player, volume controllers, and speaker control elements – on one page. Mode switches such as ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Focus’ can be positioned on another page. This approach is expected to make the Control Center more intuitive and user-friendly.

Design Upgrades on the Cards

Furthermore, iOS 18 is also expected to introduce design updates to control elements. In particular, the music player and smart home device control elements will be more informative and functional.

Third-Party Widget Inclusion: A Possibility?

At present, it’s unclear whether third-party developers will be allowed to offer their widgets for the Control Center. However, given Apple’s consistent push towards expanding iOS customization options, this step could be a logical continuation of the improvements announced in iOS 18. The upcoming WWDC 2024 will provide answers to these questions.

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