Discord to introduce embedded applications and games from third-party developers

Discord, the popular messaging platform, will soon allow third-party developers to create applications and games that can be launched directly on the platform. Though apps and mini-games have existed on Discord for several months, starting March 18, external developers will have access to a new development toolkit for embedded applications— the Embedded App SDK.

As quoted in Discord’s blog, “Many developers for Discord have looked at ‘Activities’, wondering when they could create their own. Starting March 18, they will be able to create new games and other entertainment that can be launched directly on the Discord platform through the new Embedded App SDK development toolkit. We want to turn Discord into the best platform for developers, where they can do everything: create projects, share them, distribute their creations, find an audience, and monetize it.

Discord Interface Image

In addition, on March 18, Discord will introduce an experimental feature to add applications to user accounts and transfer them to other servers. The company will also relaunch its funding program for promising projects. Developers will have the opportunity to propose their ideas to Discord and could receive up to $30,000 to realize them.

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