ActiveSync in the Enterprise

ActiveSync causes a lot of frustration for users and network administrators. Chris De Herrera wrote an interesting article for Pocket PC Magazine that offers tips to solve some of the common problems that network administrators may experience while deploying and supporting ActiveSync. This is an article that EVERYONE can benefit from!

Topics covered:

ActiveSync and Outlook installation sequence User security for installing and using ActiveSync Naming the partnership Configuring file conversion options Software firewalls can prevent synchronization Synchronizing multiple Calendar or Contacts folders Multiple Pocket PCs (multiple users) on a single PC Multiple Pocket PCs (single user) on a single PC Multiple partnerships on multiple PCs with one Pocket PC Further resources

If you have never read any of Chris’s articles, you should take the time to do so. Everything he has written is clear, easy to understand and always informative. There is no question in my mind that we are lucky to have Chris helping ALL of us in the Pocket PC community.

Thanks Chris!

You can read Chris’s article here.

You can visit Pocket PC magazine here.

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