Are You Using A Keyboard?

We have had a lot of “new” folks visiting us here at Dave’s iPAQ because of our 5th Birthday Celebration. We hope that you have had the opportunity to read some of our news, reviews, and forum items. I thought I might share a little with you about keyboards that I use. There are a lot of different choices out there but by far, these are the best from my perspective.

I have spent the past several days enjoying the nice weather in Maine. Today was an especially nice day to sit at the shore, enjoy the wonders of nature and get some work done on a new review.

Probably one of my better decisions was to have a wireless network set up so I could “surf” the net while sitting outside but what has really made me happy was my decision to use a BT keyboard.

I have three…and yes, I use each one for a specific purpose.

For general surfing and spending time in the forums, I use my ThinkOutside BT Keyboard and Mouse. What a terrific pair of devices! Easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to maintain the level of work that I like to do.

You can read my review of the ThinkOutside BT Keyboard here.

…and you can read my review of the ThinkOutside BT Mouse here.

If I am going to spend some serious time entering text, I like to use my HP BT Keyboard. Why? Mostly because it is a full size keyboard but I really like the “touch” and “feel” if I am doing a lot of typing. It is a terrific device that has made my life a lot simpler on a variety of occasions.

You can read my review of the HP BT Keyboard here.

The iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard has become a real favorite of mine. The ability to type virtually anywhere especially in the evening when it is getting dark has been a huge plus. Without question, it connects the fastest and has a terrific feel to it as you type. Certainly a different concept but one that I have throughly enjoyed in a variety of unique situations where a regular keyboard would not work well.

You can read my review of the iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard here.

I hope you enjoyed the reviews and more importantly, I hope you share the good experiences you have had with the keyboard you ultimately choose.

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