After 25 Years, Creator of Syberia’s First Game to Receive a Full Remake – Trailer and Details About Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy

Renowned for his work on the Syberia series, Belgian artist and designer Benoit Sokal made his mark with the adventure game Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy. 25 years after its initial release, the game is set to receive a comprehensive remake.

Microids, a Paris-based studio, is in charge of the Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy remake. The revamped version retains the same title as the original.

The developers promise to re-enchant players with the remake’s compelling storytelling and stunning graphics, igniting nostalgia while offering fresh, enthralling adventures.

Amerzone is set in a lost Latin American region, Amerzone, home to mythical white birds. Players are tasked with exploring ruins, interacting with vibrant characters, and solving puzzles.

The remake is set to feature reimagined puzzles and additional challenges, maintaining the spirit of the original game while also offering a script enriched with new functionalities.

Screenshots of Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy’s Remake
First screenshot of Amerzone game remake

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Second screenshot of Amerzone game remake

Third screenshot of Amerzone game remake

Fourth screenshot of Amerzone game remake

Fifth screenshot of Amerzone game remake

The launch of the Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy remake is expected sometime in 2024. It will be available for PC – on both Steam and Epic Games Store – as well as on PS5, and Xbox Series X and S. A text translation in Russian is also promised.

The original Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy, based on Sokal’s comic, was released in 1999 and sold over one million copies. The game went on to become the foundation of the Syberia series.

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