AI Assistant Copilot to be introduced in Minecraft, followed by other Xbox games.

Microsoft Introduces AI Technologies to Gaming Industry and Presents Future CoPilot Plus PC Concept

Microsoft conducted an event yesterday dedicated to the Surface device family and artificial intelligence-based technologies. The company introduced the broad public to the concept of future AI-laptops, CoPilot Plus PC, their signature Surface Laptop based on Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite Arm-processor, a new Recall feature for recording all user actions in Windows 11, among other developments. Concurrently, Microsoft announced the upcoming introduction of AI features in games, such as Minecraft.

Demonstration of AI CoPilot Feature in Minecraft

During the event, Microsoft demonstrated how CoPilot works in Minecraft. Users can ask game-related questions using natural language, to which the AI-bot responds. For instance, if CoPilot is asked, “How can I create a sword?”, the AI algorithm scrutinises the chest content to locate necessary materials and advise on where to find missing components. It also provides instructions on how to create the item and other information, eliminating the need to refer to user manuals.

Commitment to User Privacy

Microsoft placed a great emphasis on privacy at the event. The tech giant assured that data collected during the interaction with CoPilot or while utilizing the Recall feature will be stored on the user’s local device and not used to train AI algorithms. However, it is clear that being able to ask questions in games, such as how to find secret items or complete a complex level, will have a significant impact on the gaming industry.

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