Hackers have reportedly obtained nearly 200 Gigabytes of internal data from Epic Games, although this remains unconfirmed.

According to a Cyber Daily report, the hacker group Mogilevich announces its biggest coup yet – breaking into systems of the renowned gaming company Epic Games, famed for its Battle Royale game Fortnite and its online store, the Epic Games Store.

The miscreants claim to have carried out a covert assault on Epic Games’ servers and seized a whopping 189 Gigabytes of company data. This includes email addresses, passwords, names, payment information, and the “source code, among other things.”

Mogilevich has put up this massive suite of internal data for sale. The deadline for purchasing the lot has been set for March 4th. However, what happens to the ‘merchandise’ after this date hasn’t been revealed by the hackers.

In a chat with Bleeping Computer, a representative from the group mentioned the lot’s price at $15,000, however, refused to reveal information about the hack until proof of purchase funding “availability” was provided (confirmed for three potential buyers).

Image Source: Cyber Daily

In a statement to Video Games Chronicle, a representative from Epic Games assured that they are probing into the matter. As per the company, currently there is “no evidence validating theMogilevich claims.”

Epic Games has reportedly reached out to Mogilevich requesting proof of the stolen data, but they haven’t received a response yet. The closest thing to a reply is this tweet, where a demand for a $15,000 and proof of funds is made.

Cyber Daily highlights that Mogilevich recently arrived on the hacking scene, with Epic Games being its fourth victim. Its first target was Infiniti USA – a Nissan subdivision, which the miscreants reportedly hacked last week.

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